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Product Description

Product code: KLAWZ

KLAWZ is a specially designed scaffolding fitting developed by experienced industry professionals.

The fitting is fully tested to and complies with EN74-1:2005 Class B, which is the British Standard detailing the requirements and test procedures for couplers, spigot pins and baseplates that are used in falsework and scaffolds. This fitting truly sets the bar for the rest of the industry!

KLAWZ perfectly complements the widely used ReadyLok Transom unit, allowing seamless transfer between sections of scaffolding constructed with transom units and traditional tube and fitting. It provides the following benefits:

  • Double and triple standards necessitated by extra leg loading requirements can be added at any point of a build with single or multiple Klawz fittings.
  • Adding a Deadman when using ReadyLok Transoms can be done with a single KLAWZ fitting directly from the ledger, removing the need to under sling with doubles and punch up, saving tube and fittings.
  • Aluminium beams suspended from ReadyLok transoms can be secured directly to the standard with a single Klawz fitting, while guaranteeing a perfect parallel attachment effortlessly. Removing the time and effort to 'plumb it up‘ and also the potential for human error which can cause problems later in the build.

Klawz also offers the first EN74 tested answer to designing a “Double on Double” Scaffold with the following unique properties:

  • Allowing a tube and fitting scaffold to be designed with high load bearing for both ledgers and transoms.
  • It's spacing design allows the ledger and transom to sit together, allowing the scaffold to be boarded out on a single level, whilst maximising the node point strength.
  • Wide Angle adaptation allows the scaffold to be splayed by up to 60 degrees, while maintaining all of the benefits of the “Double on Double” design.
  • Removes the requirement to use “Aberdeen Transoms” as the strength is provided by the regular transom.
  • “Wing Design” automatically sets the transom spacing so it sits at the ideal height minimising the need for constant adjustment to level in.

These benefits are not exhaustive but do give an indication of the application and versatility of KLAWZ.

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